Testimonials Cristi Michelon Vasquez Santa Barbara Attorney


“Stop looking. Just hire her. I can’t say enough about how tenacious, brilliant, and kind Cristi is. While I hope to never be in a similar situation where her resources are needed, I would go to her again in a heartbeat. I was in a very difficult conservatorship fight for my mother that sounded like something out of a lifetime movie. My family called over 20 lawyers and no one would take our case. It was complex and to be honest, made us sound a bit crazy. Cristi was the only one who took the time to listen and take us seriously. She was quick to answer questions, tactful in her approach, and gracefully aggressive in her successful fight for us. She is well respected in her field and as a result, knows just who to talk to for any detail outside of her direct scope. Her team is fantastic as well!”
"Looking for a dream attorney? Look No Further! My blind twin sister and I highly recommend the Law Office of Cristi Michelon Vasquez. Cristi and her paralegal Risa did extensive pro bono work on our behalf in a property and civil matter. If you are trying to find a compassionate, reputable, competent, trustworthy attorney who pays attention to detail and always has your best interest at heart, we’d highly recommend Cristi. Her office communicates in a timely matter and they always answered our questions promptly. Cristi and her team were always courteous, empathetic, respectful and explained issues and our best options thoroughly. The Law Office of Cristi Michelon Vasquez made a very difficult situation for us into something very manageable and we wouldn't have known what to do without her law office. Cristi and Risa faced some pretty scary adversaries and handled them fiercely and with grace coming out victorious. She and Risa are real life-savers and are exceptional humans. Because of her and her team, our health and property are no longer at risk and our lives are growing brighter by the day. We couldn’t thank this law office enough. Her office is comfortable and located conveniently near the courthouse in downtown Santa Barbara. If you’re looking for a dream law office, look no further—you’ve found it."
“I have had the pleasure of working with Cristi on the Santa Barbara Women Lawyers board of directors and other endeavors. Cristi is a strong, smart straight shooter who always brought 100 percent and a good sense of humor to every project we worked on together. Every team should be fortunate enough to have a member like Cristi on it.”
“Cristi is very knowledgeable, and she shows genuine concern and compassion. For us, this was especially important since the principle client was 94 years old. She has a gift in being able to explain complex matters in a way we can both understand. Cristi has become an invaluable asset to us as we face a variety of issues and concerns. I can't recommend her enough to anyone needing an attorney in all of her areas of expertise.”
“I was being sued for a lot of money, and I was totally unsure about the process. Cristi made me feel reassured about my options as well as the process. She is very knowledgeable of legal strategy and of various tactical methods that were essential to achieve a favorable outcome for my case. I highly recommend Cristi. She knows her stuff.”
“Cristi brings dedication, compassion and a tremendous amount of knowledge to her practice. She is an excellent communicator and an articulate advocate who provides straightforward guidance with an outgoing demeanor. She is competent, approachable and efficient and is always a pleasure to work with.”