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Supreme Court

By Cristi Michelon Vasquez on Sep 14, 2018 at 04:00 AM in Civil Litigation


Joining The Club Of Lawyers Licensed Tp Practice Law Before Our Nation's Highest Court

One cannot overlook the history, tradition, and reverence that exist in our Nation’s Capital.  Not only is this city full of history, tradition, and memorials, it is also home to our Nation’s highest court. Photographs show the grand nature of its architecture, but seeing it in person and experiencing its marble structure is an overwhelming and certainly memorable experience.

Awe inspiring…I ascended the stairs of the Supreme Court of the United States of America. They are steep, slick, and cold and lead you into an entrance way with strong, bold structures.  The original spiral staircase is now cordoned off, but available for viewing....what an amazing work of art....

The administrator of the Court calls roll, and I am ready to be admitted. While not appearing before the Court for argument, I still had butterflies in my stomach.  The mere grandiose nature of the building, the Court, and what it represents proved to be worth the trip in and of itself.

The members of the bar, the press, the public, as well as the guests of the Admittees were seated in the Court. It was almost time to get to make our walk down the hall and through the was almost time to make our first appearance before the Justices of the Supreme Court of The United States....

My heart was pounding, keeping cadence with the bell as it rang, and finally the time had come.  To my surprise, we walked through curtains into a small courtroom, decorated in rich dark colors, heavy fabrics, deep paintings, and carved marble.  The room was much smaller than I had imagined, but the serious nature with which business was conducted was overwhelming.  The Clerk of the Court dressed in a suit and tails introduced himself.  Drinking coffee from a silver goblet, he reviewed the order of business.

Clerks busied themselves to ensure that each Justice had their seat on the bench prepared to perfection…their binder, their pen, their chair adjusted perfectly…

Once again, the bell rang...the Court was called to order.... Justices appeared....their seats graciously pushed in behind them...and then the Chief Justice addressed the Clerk of the Court....Opinions were to be issued that day! What a treat!  We listened to three opinions being read by the Justices.  The Chief Justice addressed the Clerk of the Court yet again. Were there any motions to be entertained?  The moving attorneys approached the podium and moved the admission of the applicant attorneys.  My name was called.  I stood and faced our Chief Justice. He even pronounced my name correctly!  He then welcomed us to the practice of law before the Supreme Court of the United States of America and wished us luck in our endeavors and then, facing the Clerk, I was sworn into the Court.

The morning’s case was then called and argument was heard.  It was a spirited and heated exchange between the Justices and counsel.  A faint bell sounded that time was up.  The Chief Justice announced that the case was submitted and banged his gavel with such force that it sounded as if there was a microphone in the bench.  The Justices were gone from the bench in a split second and the room was a flurry of activity.  Congratulations were abounded to the arguing attorneys and interested parties.  Security urging spectators to exit from the Court.

Joining the club of lawyers licensed to practice law before our Nation’s highest Court...joining the club of lawyers who have visited the court to be sworn in...what a supreme honor, filled with tradition, reverence, and respect. A journey never to be forgotten.